tirsdag 29. desember 2009

Winter cats on a tuesday


The snow came early this year. Georg has never seen the snow before, and he is not actually that happy about it. But today the sun was out, and he went with Vilja to give it another try.



Ok.. here where the car has been there is a spot without snow… finally!











So there you are Vilja, Are u going to help me out here?









So where are u taking me then? I don`t like leaving the dry spot!










Come on Georg, I know where to go..










Under here…

Lets go!








033 034

Oh Christ… let me get rid of that guy… better off alone.. Boys, they are just dumb!



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6 kommentarer:

Luna, Luzie and Olli sa...

Hello and thank you for your comment.
You are cute winter cats there in the snow.
We still have here not very much snow.

Irishcoda sa...

Love the pictures of the cats in the snow! Georg is a young cat then if he hasn't ever seen snow?

Boo-Bah sa...

Thank you for visiting my cats. We love it when people comment.
Georg is really amazingly beautiful. Vilja is also beautiful. My cats have never experienced the snow. I bet yours were happy to come inside where it was warm.


The Chair Speaks sa...

Both Georg and Vilja look good in snow. Vilja seems to enjoy the snow.
Happy New year.

Gattina sa...

It's so funny to see when a cat discovers snow for the first time ! Arthur loves it, Kim too, Rosie and the others not at all, lol !
Cute photos !

Sara Katt sa...

Katthemmet kompis utanför Nybro brann ner till grunden under Nyårsnatten. Det är oklart exakt hur många katter som har omkommit i själva branden, med ungefär cirka 25 katter räddades och behöver hjälp. Matförrådet brann upp. Alla bidrag --stor som små-- är välkomna!
För mer information gå in på deras hemsida:
Christina Wigren (SaraKatt, Anna m.fl.)