mandag 18. januar 2010

Georg på Facebook


Georg is "with it". Now also on Facebook.

Joda. Han følger med på alt han her. Nå også på Facebook.

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7 kommentarer:

The Chair Speaks sa...

Georg wants his thoughts typed out at the computer?

Irishcoda sa...

Cool! I like Facebook!

Hoshi sa...

Hello :)
I love your pictures. Very lovey!

So,,, what Georg needs to write about at Facebook?!?!?!

AL sa...

Georg...try Pet Society you will like it MOL!


Is Georg sleeping in this picture?
He looks very comfortable.... :)

Ninni sa...

Kjempekoselig bilde! Ordentlige familimedlemmer som tar del i arbeidet, kattene dine :)

TorAa sa...

to see more Norwegian Cats here.
Georg is really a gorgeous Cat.

ps. I've posted about Cats on both my English and Norwegian blog this evening.
Some photos are different.
Even the story.